My focus of work is on constructive dealing with transitional phases in life, life crises and dealing with the topic of masculinity(ies) and being a man.

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Thematic Focus

I place particular thematic focus on, among other things:
* Separation, grief and parting
* Loneliness
* Bournout
* Depression
* Growing older
* Search for orientation and desire for change and further development
* Recognising potential, unlocking and drawing from it
* Challenges at work (e.g. work-life balance, desire for reorientation and further development)
* Challenges in relationships (e.g. partnership, sexuality, conflicts and the end of relationships)
* Making mistakes and failure
* Self-awareness and personal development
* Strengthening self-confidence and self-awareness
* Working with young adults
* Working with people from the artistic/creative field
* Working with people of the silver society in the retirement phase of their lives

I deal with the topic of masculinity(ies) and being a man primarily as part of the MANNSBUILDER project.