MANNSBUILDER: Group for men in Vienna, podcast and events

Together with my colleague Benjamin Wagner, I founded the project MANNSBUILDER against the backdrop of social developments surrounding the topic of masculinity(ies) and being a man. It consists of a group for men in Vienna, a podcast and various events such as lectures and different seminars.

The group for men is psychotherapeutically accompanied by Benjamin and me and is designed as a semi-open annual group. It offers men aged 18 and over the regular opportunity for an open, process-oriented exchange among men on the multifaceted topic of masculinity and being a man in the face of social changes.

Request an appointment for an orientation interview for the men’s group by e-mail or phone now!

The podcast produced and hosted by us is dedicated to a wide range of topics related to masculinit(ies) and being a man. In it, we conduct stimulating conversations with selected guests in our systemic attitude of openness, appreciation, and unobtrusive curiosity.

The third pillar of our project consists of various events. Such as lectures, self-awareness or theory seminars, which we offer with regard to the diverse subject area of being a man and masculinity(s).

You can find detailed information about our project here!