Availabale appointments

I currently have openings on Thursdays and Saturdays between 8am and 7pm. Appointment requests are now possible by e-mail or telephone.

You would like to arrange an appointment?

I am happy to answer appointment requests or questions about the first interview, the duration and frequency of psychotherapy or coaching and the framework conditions personally either on the phone or by e-mail.

What is a first interview?

During this first interview, the client’s concerns, expectations, assignment and therapy goal are discussed. In a further step, the framework conditions relating to the psychotherapeutic process, such as confidentiality, the duration and frequency of the sessions and the cancellation policy, are discussed.

The rate listed under FEE also applies to the first interview, as this first interview is an essential part of the psychotherapeutic treatment and my service offer as well.

Online psychotherapy and home visits

If visiting my low-barrier practice is not possible for certain reasons, I also offer psychotherapy and coaching by telephone or online (video) as well as in the form of home visits on a case-by-case basis.

Request an appointment for a first interview by e-mail or phone now!